Cleaning Ball – 1″ to 6″

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Natural Cleaning Ball – Extra clean for  machine

It’s a simple and effective way to wipe clean the inside diameter of most common pipes and tubing from excess fluid, waste, or debris.
Select a foam sponge ball slightly larger than the pipe or hose itself. Compress one or more balls into the pipe or hose to be cleaned out.


Normal, polishing, surface coated, etc, according to your requirement


Our sponge cleaning ball has extremely elastic, ductile and compressible

1. Good corrosion behaviour and high absorbency

2. Standard color: orange, or as you need

3. Low temperature resistance up to -40°C elastic

4. Elongation at break 400 – 550 % depending on sponge type

5. Very durable, reusable and ecological way to clean tubes

6. Can be made in any custom size to create an exact fit


Used for clean the condenser of power plant and pipe cleaning, and sea water desalting.

(1) Power plant: condenser cleaning

(2) Sea: Sea water desalting

(3) Pipe and machinery cleaning: used for cleaning the softness and hardness

settlings of the copper pipe, steel pipe, Titanium tube, etc.


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