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Hardened steel reduction supplied complete with welded flanges in accordance with the most commonconnecting systems. The thicknesses, diameters and lengths that can be supplied comply with both the customer’s needs and current standards. The full thickness hardened reducer provides greater wear resistance than standard products.

We can supply different kind of reducers:

  • Sizes:from DN 50 (2″) x DN 38 (1½”) to DN 180 (7″) x DN 150 (6″)
  • Lengths: according to the customer’s requirements
  • Weld-on collars: suitable for all kinds of connecting systems

The reducers can be hardened on request.

Product Description

In pumping operations when it is necessary to reduce the diameter of the pipe, tapered pipes of an appropriate length are used. It is always advisable to use cones that are sufficiently long, as only by reducing the section of pipe gradually can we avoid straining the pump and allow the concrete to flow regularly without the risk of blocking.
We have thus prepared a series of seamless reducers of various diameters, lengths and thicknesses, with the aim of providing users with a wide range of choice.


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